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Complete Contact Center Services

One business, many channels: beyond phone service

Old phone-call- only days are over. Today, your customers interact via chat, email, social media and yes, phone—a classic. At Masterlink Group, we make sure your brand personality is reflected in all these channels.

At Masterlink Group, we master the art of displaying your brand the same way across all channels.

View Of Staff In Busy Customer Service Department

Our experts take care of recreating your brand experience consistently at every interface, no matter what industry you are in.  We include:


Thanks to our thorough product knowledge, we are able to walk your callers through a secure interaction by answering their queries, processing their returns and exchanges, and finding solutions to their problems. Your brand will stand out with our remarkable customer experience.


We offer a profitable chat session for your website visitors. Why profitable? Because we not only provide short response times, but also personalized assistance and interaction with more than one visitor at a time, thus, reducing your cost whilst maintaining quality. We handle check-out errors or zero search-return results, brushing off the guessing work on your customers end.


Monitoring, measuring and engaging online conversations allow us to support your strategy. We aim at engaging online consumers to solve customer service issues and protect and promote your brand. This is why we never miss multiparty conversations—whether they’re happening on your website or on external forums, blogs, vlogs, etc.—where your company and/or products are on the spotlight, responding to posts in no time and keeping you posted on the discussions.

We take care of mobile users as well, providing them with the information needed to assess their options and make quick decisions about product purchases.


Just as in the other channels, here we meet response times, branding requirements and scalation rules standards, to mention a few. You won’t believe the email volumes we can handle! All this thanks to our brand specialists, assignments reschedule and our capacity to route emails to the brand specialist best qualified.


What can possibly be easier than just clicking an icon, leaving your phone number and waiting for us to call you? That is what your customers will get, they can forget about the annoying hold queue.


Today’s branding belongs to omnichannel. In this sense, our call center solutions give a privileged place to a seamless consumer experience, so they depict a coherent brand personality and brand image across all your channels.

We take care of mobile users as well, providing them with the information needed to assess their options and make quick decisions about product purchases.