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Sales, cross-sell and up-sell

Sales strategy: your way, our way

We carbon copy your sales process and offer logic buying options to your customers.

Depending on the experience, sales can keep bringing your customers back or can send them away. Masterlink Group delivers buying experiences that speak your brand and keep your customers hooked.

Aiming at attaining the highest possible performance, we adapt our environment to your business model and product matrix and take every cross-sell and up-sell opportunity presenting an array of options for your customers in a way that suits your brand.


Masterlink Group delivers buying experiences that speak your brand and keep your customers hooked.


Our mission is to become an extension of your sales team. Masterlink Group conducts a painstaking process to find the most qualified talent that matches your brand personality, we then send them to your headquarters to study how your business runs. This is how your brand essence prevails in every interaction between our Brand Specialists and your customers.


The right technology is a key factor for your sales plan to succeed. Masterlink Group offers a variety of options, from using our proprietary order processing system to your in-house system. We can also integrate the platforms into your overarching order processing infrastructure. Our web-based reporting gathers real-time data on subjects such as call volumes, service level, average talk time, daily sales and more; this data can be integrated to your existing reporting structure through one of our extensive reporting integration solutions.

You are 3 steps from success!

Start by determining your call volume: knowing your call volume will be the first step in helping your call center determine if the shared option is best for your situation. To start, pull reports of historical call data. To prepare yourself, the key questions will be: On average how many inbound calls are you receiving per month? What are the call arrival patterns? What part of the day or week generates the most volume? Are there any spikes due to seasonality, new product introductions or promotions?

Next you will need to determine your call type.

Determine your call type: How many hours will be required to adequately train the agents to understand your brand, be knowledgeable about your products and be able to take an order and navigate your website? As a rule, if your calls are less complex such as taking orders and entering them into your website, then shared Brand Specialists will be the best option. The shared model is often the right choice for companies with smaller call volumes, simpler calls and tighter budgets. For companies with higher call volumes and more complex calls, a dedicated team of Brand Specialists offers a wide range of benefits, including a branded, personalized customer experience. Explain your needs to any prospective call center, and they’ll be able to give you good advice on which model is the better choice for you.

Let’s Talk. Contact us today for more information on how Masterlink Group can be your Shared-Agent Call Center Solution.