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Shared Call Center

Shared call center: Determine your call type and get the best call center for your business

If you’re getting more inbound calls than you can handle internally but the volume is not quite enough to justify an outsourced call center, then a shared customer support model is what you need. Our Brand Specialists can handle your calls on a 24/7 basis and you will be charged only for the minutes of the calls.

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Knowing your call volume will be the first step in helping your call center determine if the shared option is best for your situation.


The same Brand Specialists working on your account are also working on other brands, business or accounts. This shared option works best for companies that generate orders by web promotions, print, email or direct mail, and enables you to take orders any time your customers call.


Your order will be entered directly into your website by the Brand Specialists from the shared call center, so you get them in real time. Further, you won’t have to worry about merging order management and reporting systems into your in-house system, as the orders will be going through one uniform process.


First thing first: you need to determine what your call volume is. This will help your call center determine if a shared model suits you. You need to pull reports of historical data: how many monthly inbound calls you are getting, what the call arrival patterns are, what impact seasonality has on your call flow, etc. And then, you need to get to know your calls.


Are your calls complex? Will it take too long to introduce the agents to your brand and teach them how to take orders and navigate your website? Shared Brand Specialists are the best option when calls are simple, call volume has a low profile (but is high enough to ask for help) and your budget is limited.


Having your in-house agents waiting for the phone to ring while getting paid hourly can generate unnecessary costs. The key is to have customers who know what they want, are familiar with the ordering process and are offered limited options (number of products, color, sizes…) so you streamline the decision-making process. Besides, the shared model is more efficient for both the client and the call center when calls are ranged from 3 to 6 minutes. If this is the case for your calls, the shared group is for you!


Shared services often establish a fixed by-the-minute payment. For example, if your cost per minute is 50 cents and your call duration estimate is 5 minutes, you can expect your cost per order to be 2.5 USD.

You are 3 steps from success!

Start by determining your call volume: knowing your call volume will be the first step in helping your call center determine if the shared option is best for your situation. To start, pull reports of historical call data. To prepare yourself, the key questions will be: On average how many inbound calls are you receiving per month? What are the call arrival patterns? What part of the day or week generates the most volume? Are there any spikes due to seasonality, new product introductions or promotions?

Next you will need to determine your call type.

Determine your call type: How many hours will be required to adequately train the agents to understand your brand, be knowledgeable about your products and be able to take an order and navigate your website? As a rule, if your calls are less complex such as taking orders and entering them into your website, then shared Brand Specialists will be the best option. The shared model is often the right choice for companies with smaller call volumes, simpler calls and tighter budgets. For companies with higher call volumes and more complex calls, a dedicated team of Brand Specialists offers a wide range of benefits, including a branded, personalized customer experience. Explain your needs to any prospective call center, and they’ll be able to give you good advice on which model is the better choice for you.

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