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Social Media Monitoring

Customers engagement and brand response: we
are here for you!

At present, there are over 3 billion internet users out of which over two billion are active on social media. These social platforms offer business valuable data about their customers and, most of them, a free way to reach them. Amongst the many advantages social media offer, we can mention that they can provide you with valuable customer insights, increase brand awareness and loyalty, generate higher converting leads, provide rich customer experiences, share content faster and easier, and increase website traffic and search ranking.

Masterlink Group can monitor communications on online communities such as Facebook and Twitter, which allows us to create relevant content alongside your team and distribute it timely according to your social media community. Masterlink Group has the people, the plan, the monitoring platforms and the analytics you are looking for to offer effective, measurable, trackable and trendable social media monitoring services.

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“Our Brand Specialists keep track of your brand mentions online. You will be a main character in the creation of the social media monitoring plan that is perfect for you and will guide us through your brand culture to make it real”.


Social media monitoring platforms are the cornerstone for Brand Specialists to get brand-safe data and respond to online social interactions. We will recommend a platform base on your brand mentions.


-Password protected login
-One dashboard to monitor social streams
-Add more social networks to the stream option
-User/team assignments
-Log in to view for client teams
-Case management tool integration


You will require a professional social media management infrastructure in order to create, and maintain, your engaged audience. We use a consultative approach to get to know your brand and objectives within the social space, that is, we will work hand in hand with you when finding out the plan, platform and staff that fit your community.

Our social media monitoring services include:
-Respond to customer inquiries in real time
-Social media becomes an extension to your customer service program
-Integrating and supporting your team’s current activities
-Engagement, ROI and tracking metrics
-Review management services on demand
-Minimize social media risk management


Tracking and trending the social media interactions with your customers regarding your brand lets you know what people are saying online about it. With our analytics solutions you will have a peek at metrics such as conversations volume, engagement, customer service and more, that are critical to measuring your brand on social media.

Our social media analytics services include:
-Track and trend customer questions over time
-Tag inquiries by product types or location
-Monitor service levels and timeliness of responses
-Better understand question types for your brand
-Identify customers that engage the most
-Measure historical vs projected volume metrics
-Learn about your audience in context with Social CRM


Don’t know how to increase brand loyalty? By responding to customer’s questions accurately and timely you will achieve that and more.

Our social media customer service includes:
-Social presence management
-Answer customer queries in real time
-Customer service extension to social media
-Integration with your current teams
-Engagement and ROI metrics, tracking
-Review management services on demand
-Social media risk management

Social media were thought to be a passing fad. However, they have proved themselves valuable to communication encouragement and business growth alike. Taking our services into social media is just the natural thing to do.